Morning Speakers.
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Lunch & Poster session.
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Registration and Poster Set Up.
Welcome and Opening Remarks - Dr. David Edgell
Presentations (13 min talk, 2 min for questions).
Dr. Thomas McMurrough (Specific Biologics Inc.): Development of a next-generation therapeutic platform for in vivo human gene-editing
Zach Gordon (Designer Microbes Inc): Domestication of Metschnikowia borealis - yeast with giant ascospores.
Dr. Pratish Gawand (Arada Bio): Production of Natural Ingredients through Synthetic Biology
Dr. Ian Silber (SGI-DNA): SGI-DNA BioXP 3200: Faster Results through Faster library and synthetic DNA production
Panel Discussion: “The Present and Future State of Synthetic Biology in Canada” Moderator Dr. Jordan Thomson (Ontario Genomics); Panelists: Dr. Rebecca Shapiro (Guelph), Dr. Trevor Charles (Waterloo), Dr. Brendan Hussey (Toronto), Dr. Kathleen Hill (Western), Dr. Mark Daley (Western)
Lunch & Poster Session.
Please see presenter list under Posters.
Keynote: Dr. Rebecca Shapiro, University of Guelph, CRISPR-based functional genomic tools for complex genetic interaction analysis in fungal pathogens
Presentations (13 min talk, 2 min for questions).
Thomas Hamilton, PhD Candidate (Western University), conCRISPR: Developing a conjugative tool to modulate microbial populations
Dr. Isabel Desgagné-Penix (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières), Diatoms for the production of valuable plant products
Dr. Cintia Coelho (University of Brasília), Use of integrases to target genetic parts resulting in gene regulation in eukaryotic cells
Coffee Break.
Presentations (10 min talk, 2 min for questions).
Stephanie Brumwell, MSc Candidate
Gurjit Randhawa, PhD Candidate
Benjamin Scott, PhD Candidate
Matt Berg, PhD Candidate
Samir Hamadache (Synbio Canada)
Clara Fikry & Leah Fulton, Waterloo IGEM
Luana Langlois & Ryan Cochrane, The Western Synthetic Biology Research Program: a student-led research initiative
Closing Remarks & Awards - Dr. David Edgell
Networking and Drinks at the Grad Club